Jim Luce
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Jim LuceJim Luce is a philanthropist, writer and publisher focused on connecting goodness and supporting young global leadership. Working primarily with arts, education and orphan care around the world, Jim has experience in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Haiti, the U.S. – and India. In school, he studied in Germany, Colombia and Japan. In 1999, while working in finance, he began Orphans International Worldwide - “Raising Global Leaders.” In 2007, he began to write for The Huffington Post and publish The Stewardship Report. Ten years later, following the death of his father, Jim founded The J. Luce Foundation - “Supporting Young Global Leadership.” He first wrote about the IAAC in 2010 and wrote a series of articles from India in 2012. In 2015, he chartered the New York Global Leaders Lions Club. With deep roots in America – including ancestors who founded Harvard and the U.S. Naval War College – his adopted son is Chinese from Indonesia. He has been recognized for his charitable efforts by the U.S. Congress.

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