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Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance
A highlight of the summer, this yearly event offers an intriguing glimpse of India’s rich dance scene. The first night, at Pace University’s Schimmel Center (3 Spruce St., Aug. 13; for tickets, call 866-811-4111), includes five soloists and one ensemble, performing kathak (from the north), bharatanatyam (from the south), and various contemporary twists on both. The star of the evening is Rama Vaidyanathan, a refined and intensely musical dancer who also excels at abhinaya, or mime, an integral part of Indian dance. The second night, at the Robert F. Wagner, Jr., Park (20 Battery Park Pl., Aug. 15), is open to the public and presented in conjunction with the Battery Dance Festival (see below). The performers include Avijit Das, who performs kuchipudi, a light, quicksilver dance style, which originated in Andhra Pradesh, and Carolina Prada, a specialist in Mayurbhanj Chhau, a dance that combines acrobatics and martial arts.
Marina, The New Yorker

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