Erasing Borders: Indian Artists in the Diaspora: Feb-Mar 2007

Samita Sinha

Samita Sinha
Performance Description
Samita Sinha (vocals) and Marc Cary (keys/ laptop): Hindustani vocals with soundscapes created using electric piano, Moog and laptop, and pan-Indian and West African rhythms.
Though trained primarily in classical Hindustani music, Samita Sinha's repertoire spans a range of styles in several different languages. She experiments in synthesizing elements of Hindustani music with jazz, electronic music, and theater, creating new sonic intersections by bringing the "teeming phrasing she derives from deep Indian vocal traditions" (NY Resident, June 2006) to various contexts.

Samita began training in Indian classical music at age ten in Queens, the same time she began playing piano and singing in choral and jazz ensembles and musicals. In 2002 she was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship to study in the guru-student tradition in India with Dr. Alka Deo Marulkar. During this time Samita developed a unique vocal and compositional style drawing from the various musical and linguistic idioms she knows (Hindi, Urdu, Braj, Mandarin, English, and vocal sound painting), and performed this music throughout India and Dubai.

Since returning to New York City her main projects have included KAASH, Sunny Jain Collective, and Sekou Sundiata's the 51st(dream)state.


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