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The Indo-American Arts Council presents the IAAC FESTIVAL OF INDIAN THEATRE in New York.
NEW YORK: Three of India's most celebrated playwrights will present their works under the
auspices of the Indo-American Arts Council in the first ever FESTIVAL OF INDIAN THEATRE to be
held in New York City at The Tribeca Performing Arts Center, 199 Chambers Street, New York
from Friday July 14th to Thursday August 3rd, 2000. Box office # 212 346 8510
(Box office for tickets sales opens June 1).
                 Girish Karnad's "Fire and Rain" is a dramatic story from the Mahabharata centered
around a seven year fire sacrifice to propitiate the God Indra. Written originally as a Kannada play,
and self-translated (a consistent practice with Karnad). "Agni matttu Male" portrays the conflict
between the world of knowledge/experience and that of innocence/goodness. Directed by
Arjun Sajnani. this gripping production vibrates with energy; a theatrical treat rooted in an ancient
Indian ethos and milieu. (July 14 - 19,2000)
Mahesh Dattani's "Dance Like a Man" contains nuances of Gujarati and Mysorian English
which are integral to the play. Dattani writes English as spoken by his Indian audience. Brilliantly
directed and acted by Lillete Dubey and her stellar cast, the play is an affirmation of the conflict
between the artist and society in India today. The lives of two aging Bharatanatyam dancers are
juxtaposed and in conflict with that of the younger generation, superb dancers themselves.(July 21-27)
Vijay Tendulkar's "Once Upon a Fleeting Bird" is an English adaptation of a
contemporary love story situated in a middle class Maharashtrian home in Bombay. Tendulkar, an
icon in the Indian literary community, is best known for his Marathi plays "Sakaram Binder" and
"Ghashiram Kotwal". Directed by screen and theatre director Akash Khurana. the cast exudes an
"Indianness" that both identifys them and simultaneously allows us to empathize with each individual
character. (July 28-Aug 3)

Press Conference: Thursday July 6 at 11 am. Consulate of India, 3E 64* Street, New York City.
All media personnel are welcome.

The Indo-American Arts Council is a secular, not-for-profit service and resource organization dedicated to promoting the awareness, creation, production, exhibition, publication and performance of India's art forms in North America.
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