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Marcy Chevali
Marcy Chevali Untitled
Lot No# BAA216  
Marcy Chevali

Sewing thread and masking tape on Tracing Paper
11" x 14"
Circa 2011
$400 - $850
Artist Bio
Marcy Chevali is a studio artist working in sewing thread, fibers, lint, tracing paper, tea, sugar, turmeric and water drawn from a nearby river. She received a BFA degree from The Ohio State University and explored the spatial metaphors of her emotions while earning a MFA degree from Maine College of Art. The artist builds her work as re-presentations of emotional situations in her life. The materials she uses and the way they interact become metaphors and diagrams. These altered autobiographical narratives are Chevali's attempts to rework situations and the results are obsessive gestures of hope. Her work has been shown at venues such as Aicon Gallery, AC Institute, The ICA at MECA, The Gallery of Contemporary Art at Sacred Heart University and with organizations such as South Asian Women's Creative Collective, 4heads and Art Connects New York. Currently, she is part of a six-month residency with Gallery Aferro in Newark, New Jersey, USA. During the pauses from tangling or untangling thread, she twists images into short videos as part of the collective afternoon girls. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

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