Erasing Borders: Indian Artists in the Diaspora: Feb-Mar 2007

Delna Dastur
All That Jazz Bounce
Title: All That Jazz
Size: 24x36
Size: 24x48
Bubbly Crisp and Crunchy
Title: Bubbly
Size: 12x12
Title: Crisp and Crunchy
Size: 12x12
Criss Cross Drift
Title: Criss Cross
Size: 28x30
Title: Drift
Size: 22x28
Escape Feeding Frenzy
Title: Escape
Title: Feeding Frenzy
Size: 20x24
Flashback Happy Hydrangea
Title: Flashback
Size: 12x12
Title: Happy Hydrangea
Size: 12x12
Keep It Buttoned Let's Party
Title: Keep It Buttoned
Size: 16x20
Title: Let's Party
Size: 12x12
Let the Movies Begin Lollies
Title: Let the Movies Begin
Size: 16x20
Title: Lollies
Maximum Morphing
Title: Maximum
Size: 36x48
Title: Morphing
Size: 12x12
Pebble Punch Picante Peppers
Title: Pebble Punch
Size: 12x12
Title: Picante Peppers
Size: 12x12
Rollicking Roots Salsa
Title: Rollicking Roots
Size: 24x32
Title: Salsa
Size: 12x12
Saturated Screw It
Title: Saturated
Size: 12x12
Title: Screw It
Size: 12x12
Shell Shock Splish Splash
Title: Shell Shock
Size : 12x12
Title: Splish Splash
Size: 12x12
The Sky's the Limit And The Beet Goes On
Title: The Sky's the Limit
Size : 36x48
Title: And The Beet Goes On
Size: 16x24
Through the Maze Undercurrent
Title: Through the Maze
Size : 16x20
Title: Undercurrent
Size: 16x20
Underwater Revelry  
Title: Underwater Revelry
Size : 24x30.


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