Erasing Borders: Indian Artists in the Diaspora: Feb-Mar 2007


  Ela Shah


Beware Mermaids meditation
Medium: Mix media on burnt wood
Size: 22"x16"x1/2"
Price: $ 3900
Title:"Mermaids meditation"
Medium: Goldleaf, paint on burnt wood and mix media
Size: 20"x24"x1"
Price: $ 4900
Super kid Cradle of faith #3
Title:"Super kid "
Medium: Mix media on wood
Size: 12"x16"x1"
Price: $ 3900
Title:"Cradle of faith # 3"
Medium: Mix media on wood
Size: 22"x15"'x1"
Price: $ 3900
Whisper Cradle of faith #3
Medium: Mix media on canvas
Size: 45"x35"
Price: $ 4500
year: 2006
Title:"Cradle of faith # 3 "
Medium: Goldleaf and mix media on wood
Size: 30"x24"
Price: $ 3900
year: 2004
Letter to ma At the click of a mouse
Title:"Letter to ma"
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 48"x36"
Price: $ 3900
Title: " At the click of a mouse"
Medium: Gold & Silver leaf on burnt wood
Size: 50"x30"x.5"
Year: 2003
Bottled up # 4  
Title: "Bottled up # 4"
Medium: Mix Medium on Wood
Size: 7"x10"x1/2"
Year: 2003

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