Erasing Borders: Passport to Contemporary Indian Art  Feb-June 2008

Yetish Yetish

Yetish Yetish Yetish Yetish

Artist’s Statement  
Imagery captured my imagination at an early age. I can remember when I was eight years old and was drawn to photos in Life and National Geographic magazines. I was fascinated every time I saw artists painting life size murals on canvas for cinema billboards across the street from my grandfather’s house. My eagerness to make my own images drove me to become a photographer.  At first I was content simply to look at my 35mm black and white negatives, photos I exposed of friends, family, animals, bugs, plants, street life and concerts on my uncle’s Olympus pen rangefinder. Then I discovered the B&W darkroom which brought me to a magical world, a world I still find magic in as a professional printer

I left home in India to study photography here in the US at ICP. Upon completing my studies I worked as a staff photographer at ICP and as an in-house printer for Magnum Photos for a couple of years before having my own studio and lab in the photo district. Finding myself unable to support my family solely on photography, I found work in the computer field. Now I am  a consultant in the field. This job has allowed me sustain myself and return to photography with a greater passion than ever.
I photograph to fulfill an inner desire, perhaps to mark, to draw, to write, to make images. The act of creating images is a compulsion and my reward. Photography makes me pause, see and absorb. The photographs evoke familiarity, a feeling or even a connection with the audience. Sometimes it remains a mystery. My photographs are a documentary of my vision and often evolve while giving me much to ponder.

  • Two Year Photographic Study at ICP, NY: 1982
  • Digital Printing Workshop by Graham Nash: 1986


  • House photographer: ICP, NY: 1984 -1985
  • In House Printer: Magnum Photos, NY: 1986-1988
  • Photographer: Sun Magazine, The Record, NJ: 1988
  • In House Photographer: Hoffman La Roche, NJ : 1988-1989
  • Photographer for Women Artists of NJ mainly worked on paintings and sculptures
  • B&W Printer for Magnum Photographer: 1986-2007
  • Custom prints for various exhibitions, collection, publication and movie production
  • Established business YCP studio and B&W lab in photo district, NY


  • ICP, NY: 1984
  • Soho Gallery, NY: 1992
  • Bergen Museum, NJ: 1993


  • Gail Kulur, NJ
  • Michelle Burton, TX
  • Bergen Museum, NJ
  • Renuka Nanjundappa, NY
  • Ulla Novina, NJ

All photos will be submitted as 11X14 Black and white prints. All images will be digital prints except the five images with S suffix of image name which are traditional silver prints. Price per print with frame is $350


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