Indo-American arts council's 7th annual erasing borders 2010:
Exhibition of contemporary Indian art of the Diaspora
Avani Patel
Avani Patel

Artist Statement

Music evokes the body to respond to a rhythm and become an embodiment of exuberance, expression and movement. My idea of painting is a rhythmic performance with music that creates a whole new language of abstract harmony, as a means of expressing music in visual form. The inspiration of Indian performance and various music selections inspire a language of expression, harmonious elements, and abstract figures which form patterns on my canvases.
My paintings invite the viewer to wander through a universe of color and pattern in motion - a world of energy in music manifested in visual form. In the small universe I altered and accepted life of being from everyday appreciation that gets created on canvas or in my drawings.

The idea is to interpret the content of the music and express it via visual images; to create an environment of joy and passion conveying a feeling of dance and festivity while using the psyche’s imagination.


Avani Patel cultural background has had a profound impact on the forging of her identity as an artist. As a young girl living in India, She fell in love with pattern of dress, exotic colors, and the sound of music, the spectacle of both theatre and cinema. They were all fluidly interconnected, effectively symbolizing the rhythm of daily life. Indian culture is the starting point of her work. The range of Indian films, theatre, music, and performance are all sources of artistic inspiration. Having moved far from her Indian traditional culture, Avani Patel is exploring the boundaries between eastern and western cultural influences.

Avani Patel received her Bachelor in Arts from Pennsylvania State University in 2000 and her MFA from Tyler School of Art (Temple University) in 2002. Avani Patel has shown her paintings throughout New York, New Jersey, Providence, Philadelphia, Panama, Mexico, and Dubai and actively showing internationally. The Philadelphia Museum of Art proudly exhibited two of her paintings from 2002 to 2008. She has done residency with Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Chashama Visual Arts, and Triangle Workshop. Currently Patel is resident artist for the Art at the Embassy Program for United States and lives in New York.
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