Indo-American arts council's 7th annual erasing borders 2010:
Exhibition of contemporary Indian art of the Diaspora
Jeet Aulakh
Jeet Aulakh Jeet Aulakh

Artist Statement

My work evolves out of over 3 decades of material and spiritual experiences. The cosmic forms adoring the supreme power have become the subject of my work in recent years. I have surrendered my soul and so my work, to the master of all masters, creator of all creators and mystery of all mysteries. In my chakra and other geometric paintings, power of the all prevailing and immortal Lord comes to the fore and experiences are beyond words.


Jeet Aulakh is a deeply spiritual painter, all his body of work reflecting that mystery, magnetism and magic usually associated with music. To me, the key to his paintings is to think of them as sounds, recorded on canvas and ready to be played for the tuned-in spiritual receptor. He is creating non-objective, hard edge paintings, very much like Claude Tousignant. They both have that mysterious way of representing sounds, as Claude did with his “Gongs”, but the difference is that Jeet has a softer edge, a more sensitive approach and a more complex composition. He is deeply rooted in his spiritual heritage, where meditation plays a crucial role and his body of work reflects that…a tranquility, an isolation but also a way of communication. The sound of his works is not a sharp, loud one, but a muted, almost murmured whisper. His receptor is the whole universe, and Jeet is able to send his messages and to receive that spiritual richness which enables him to find new ways, new images, and new sounds. The colours are blending into one another in a gradual transition suggesting fluidity, continuity and a sense of equilibrium coming from a very spiritual inner soul. If Bertram Brooker was the first Canadian painter to put sounds on the canvas, as in the “Sounds Assembling” of 1928, Jeet is continuing the tradition and is enriching it with new meanings of harmony, rhythm and soul-deep introspection.
- Review by Sandu Sindile, Curator – Homer Watson Museum, Kitchener - Canada


Bachelor’s Degree 1989-93, Punjab University, Chandigarh - India

Upcoming Solo Shows:

Nov 07 – Dec 20, 2009 – Homer Watson Art Gallery, Kitchener – Canada
Jul 17 – Sep 05, 2010 – Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor – Canada

Select Past Solo Exhibits:

Arts Council Gallery, Windsor - Canada
Gibson Art Gallery, Amherstburg – Canada
Beaux Arts Gallery, Brampton – Canada
Birla Millennium Art Gallery, London – UK
Taras Shevchenko Museum, Toronto – Canada
Common Ground Art Gallery, Windsor – Canada
IAFA Art Gallery, Amritsar - India
Visual Arts Mississauga, Mississauga - Canada
Punjab Lalit Kala, Chandigarh - India
Sutlej Art Gallery, New Delhi - India
Banasar Art Gallery, Patiala - India
Select Past Group Exhibits:

Thames Art Gallery, Chatham – Canada
Icon Art Gallery, Hyderabad – India
Arts Council Gallery, Windsor – Canada
Gallery Streetsville, Mississauga – Canada
Museum London, London – Canada
Common Ground Gallery, Windsor – Canada
Grand Salon Des Arts, California – USA
Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar – India
The Gallery, Windsor – Canada
Space for New Art, Brampton – Canada
Art knows No Borders, Los Angeles – USA
World Art Expo, California – USA
Living Arts Centre, Mississauga – Canada
Art at the Castle, Toronto – Canada
Russian Art Centre, New Delhi – India
Lennox Contemporary, Toronto – Canada
University of Saskatchewan – Canada
Windsor Printmakers Gallery, Windsor – Canada
Energy Art Gallery, Toronto - Canada
Parijat Art Gallery, New Delhi – India
Praxis Art Gallery, Toronto – Canada
Beaux Arts Gallery, Brampton – Canada
South Delta Art Gallery, South Delta – Canada
Laluque Atelier Gallery, Toronto – Canada
Struts Art Gallery, Sackville – Canada
Kiwanis Longhouse Gallery – Canada
Arts Council Gallery, Everett – USA
Punjab Agricultural University – India


“Sounds and Meditation” – Sandu Sindile, Curator
“Painter of Inner World and Cosmos” – Keshav Malik, Art Critic
“Spiritual Contemplation and Cosmic Reality” – Seema Bhalla, Art Historian
“High Heavens of Hope” – RS Yadav, Art Critic
“Metaphysical Abstract” – Dr Avani Rao, Art Historian and Curator
“Poet and Artist in Constant Journey” – Dr Surjit Patar, Writer
“Strength of Colors” – Prof Marie Prociw
“Craving for the Unknown” – Prof NS Tasneem
“Language of Colors” – Balraj Cheema, Writer
“Mystical Abstract” – Emma Cook, Curator
“Sound of Silence” – Gurdev Chauhan, Critic and Writer
“Color Field and Spirituality” – R Sharma, Art Critic
“Mysteries and Magnetism” – Ashley Goodfellow
“Sacred Geometrics” – Radhika Chhotai
“Art of Tantra and Spirituality” – Deccan Chronicle
“Yoga Art” – The Windsor Star

Major Collections:

International Resource Center, New York - USA
Taras Shevchenko Museum, Toronto – Canada
Government Museum, Chandigarh – India
Punjab Lalit Kala, Chandigarh – India
World Art Foundation, California – USA
Zamaana Arts, New York - USA
Queens Art Gallery, New York - USA
Art for Healing, California - USA
India Heritage, New Delhi – India
Gibson Art Gallery, Amherstburg – Canada
Icon Art Gallery, Hyderabad – India
Saffron Art Gallery, Mumbai - India
Space for New Art, Brampton – Canada

Gallery Representation:

ARSG - Museum London, London – Canada
ARSG – Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor – Canada
Sultej Art Gallery, New Delhi - India
Iconart Gallery, Hyderabad – India

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