Indo-American arts council's 7th annual erasing borders 2010:
Exhibition of contemporary Indian art of the Diaspora
Yetish Yetish
Yetish Yetish Yetish Yetish

Artist Statement

Imagery captured my imagination early it seems. At eight, I remember waiting for delivery of Life and National Geographic magazines to feast my eyes over photographs. Watching artists paint cinema murals across the street from my grandmotherís home was fascinating: blank canvas coming to life. My mother encouraged me to take classes in drawing and painting. I became ecstatic when my uncle lent me his camera. Being able to capture 72 pictures on a roll of film, I photographed many things.

Taking pictures, looking at tiny negatives for years, I yearned to see my photos on paper. My friend Raj invited me to watch him make prints in his darkroom. Soon after I built my darkroom and set off to print my photos. I struggled at first with the social stigma of being a photographer, but I was convinced to be a photographer. My friends Michelle and Spencer encouraged me to study photography in the US. I left home for NY in 1982, and found myself.

I studied photography at International Center of Photography for two years. On completion of my studies, I was hired as the house photographer at ICP. In 1986 I joined Magnum Photos as the house printer, two years later I established my own studio and lab in Manhattan. I had several jobs unrelated to photography to support myself. One such job was fixing computers, which led to my current job as a technology consultant. This job has given me economic freedom to pursue my desire in creating images. I photograph here at home and where I happen to travel, dancing to the tune of light and shadow.


  • Two Year Photographic Study at ICP, NY: 1982
  • Digital Printing Workshop by Graham Nash: 1986


  • House photographer: ICP, NY: 1984 -1985
  • In House Printer: Magnum Photos, NY: 1986-1988
  • Photographer: Sun Magazine, The Record, NJ: 1988
  • In House Photographer: Hoffman La Roche, NJ : 1988-1989
  • B&W Printer for Magnum Photographer: 1986-2008
  • Photo studio and lab in photo district, NY 1989-1995
  • Photographer and Printer, NJ 1995-present


  • ICP, NY: 1984
  • Soho Gallery, NY: 1992
  • Bergen Museum, NJ: 1993
  • Erasing Borders, IAAC travel Show, USA 2008
  • GE Gallery, Picture This LLC, Fairfield CT 2009


  • Gail Kulur, NJ
  • Michelle Burton, TX
  • Bergen Museum, NJ
  • Renuka Nanjundappa, NY
  • Ulla Novina, NJ
  • Arvind Garg, NY

Publications at Blurb

  • Morocco 2008
  • Netherlands 2008
  • Ireland 2009
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