IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2013

Firoz Mahmud
  Firoz Mahmud

I was born and brought up in Khulna and Dhaka , Bangladesh. After studying primarily from Dhaka University, I moved to Amsterdam at Rijksakademie Van Beeldende Kunsten for two years under fellowship . After that, I moved to Japan and expanded my artistic career while I did my PhD on fine arts from Tokyo University of the arts until 2010. I moved to USA at the beginning of 2011 where I still have been pursuing my artistic career. In last ten years I lived six different countries including Bangladesh, USA, Japan, Netherlands, UAE and Italy for artist in residency and art projects.

Thus my artworks, sometimes, are multicultural and multi-emotional with various media. But core of my work-essence reflects Bangladeshi socio-political culture, Indian myth, tradition, history and pop culture. I have been working with several media including installation, Layapa Art, Urgency of Proximate Drawing (NinKI: UoPD), text, video and photographs. One of my large-scale project 'sucker'wfp21, a 26 foot fighter aircraft considers the interplay of militarism and war produced through public tax and revenue and many of my projects are collaborative with local communities and volunteers. My Layapa Art is based on Bangladeshi native culture, process and history. Layapa Art technique taken from Japanese woodcut printing (Ukiyo-e???) with the style of Bangladeshi traditional rendering mud painting by village women. I render painting on canvas or on objects in a manner our country women mix mud and cow dung and render on hut. They have some belief and philosophy behind it.

My recent project of process oriented photograph `Soaked Dream` is a global (GoLocal) project on social belief. The `Urgency of Proximate Drawing` (NinKi:UoPD) is my another project ,started as anonymously. Gradually I started to exhibit in public spaces and major art venues/museums with my own name.

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