IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2013

Niamul Bari
Niamul Bari
During my traveling, I try to get the feelings of nature, human activities, ritual and spirituality. When I came to New York, I saw many interesting things. There were different kinds of people and life style. On the subway stations and the streets, I saw many interesting textures and colors, it happened automatically. When I use the objects on my paintings, objects loose their quality, they make their own languages. My personality is self-thought with spirituality. When I do my artwork with spirituality, I would go to the unconscious level.


2009           Studio Art-The Art Students League of NY.

1997           Post Diploma in Sculpture-The Visva-Bharati University in India.

1995           MFA in Sculpture in The Institute of fine Arts in Dhaka University in Bangladesh.

1991           BFA in Ceramics in The Institute of fine Arts in Dhaka University in Bangladesh.

Open Studio:

2012           GO: a community-curated open studio project,Brooklyn Museum.
                    NY NARS Foundation.NY.

Solo Exhibition:

2010           Dhaka Art Center in Bangladesh.
2011           Dhaka Art Center in Bangladesh.(artist talk)
2008           Post-Work-'invited artist' at Soho in NY.
1998           Gorky Sadan Gallery in Russian Cultural Center in Kolkata ,India.

Important Group Exhibition:

2012          NARS Foundation,NY
                   Dharapath Art Space,Bangladesh
                   Institute of Art & Culture,Dhaka.

2011          NARS Foundation,
                   NYQueens Museum of Arts,NY.
                  Aicon Gallery,NY
                  Wang Center of Arts, NY.
                  Jorgensen Gallery, University of Connecticut, Ct.
                  Gallery 57' in NY.

2010          Invited Artist group show in The Tokyo Art Museum in Japan.

2006-9      Painting Exhibition at The ASL of NY.

2007          'Art Exhibition' at Bangladesh Embassy in Washington DC.

                   'Small work' show at Soho 20 gallery in Chelsea.

                   'Lineal Investigations'-invitational exhibition in Housatonic Museum.CT.

                   Merit Scholarship exhibition in The ASL of NY.

2003          Sculpture exhibition in The ASL of NY.

                   Art exhibition at Martin Luther King Jr. gallery in NY.

2002          Sculpture exhibition in The ASL of NY.
                   Art exhibition at Martin Luther King Jr. gallery in NY.

1999-01    Sculpture show in The ASL of NY.

1995          Sculpture show in the Institute of the Fine Arts-Dhaka University in BD.
                   The contemporary Art gallery Shilpangon in Bangladesh.

1994          10th Young Artist Art exhibition in Shilpokala Academy in Bangladesh.
                   11th National Art Exhibition in Shilpokala Academy in Bangladesh.
                   'A Traveling Art exhibition in South Asia-1994'
                   Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India.

1992          10th National Art Exhibition in Shipokala Academy in Bangladesh.

1991          Art Exhibition of reputed Bangladeshi Artist at Saju Art gallery.


2008          Blue Dot award in painting. The ASL of NY

2006          The Suki Kujian Memorial Merit scholarship. The ASL of NY

1996          The Camlin scholarship.India.


2011          Artist talk at Dhaka Art center.Bangladesh.

2008-9       Lenia '08 & Lenia '09-The ASL Artist review by curator Pam Koob.NY.

2008          'Priobangla'-review 35th Anniversary of Bangladesh independence.

2007          Lenia summer '07 The ASL of NY.
                   Lenia Fall '07-The ASL interview by Brian Ormond.

2002 &03  Artist interview and review in 1199 member journel.NY.

1998          Samsad pratidin' artist review by Arindam Datta.India.
                   Artist review and interview by Shubuth Sarkar-'Ananda
                   Bazar Patrika'(Newspaper).India.

                   The Asian age' artist review by Shandip Misra.India.

1997          Artist talk and slide show at Dhaka University.Bangladesh.

1995          BBC -Bangoli program interview by Praggalaboni at Shilpangan.Dhaka.

1994          Durdarshan India TV interview at Gorky Sadan.India.

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