IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2013

Parul Mehra
Parul Mehra


Parul is a Textile Designer by profession. She was educated at NIFT, New Delhi and at FIT, New York and has worked in the fashion industry for several years with companies like Coach, Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdales and Interface. She is an award winning designer and her work has been showcased all over the US, Europe and India. She has mastered the techniques of woven textiles, hand printing and embroidery.

She has worked with the likes of Bruce Mau, Mark Pollack and Rachel Doriss. Her inspirations have come from the Indian and French classic motifs harmonized with western themes. Her creations can be found decorating corporate houses, healthcare centers and residences. Her work represents multi-cultural themes also that surround our society and are omnipresent in our ever changing environment.

Her methods and selections of color and shades take reflection from the rendition of color through light and its exposure that creates subliminal effects only seized at an instant.

These four themes represent Life Recycled, Truth in Texture, Coastal Retreat and Pure Bucolic.
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