IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2013

Ranna Chaudry
Ranna Chaudry
My work explores the absurdity of human nature, especially the ridiculousness of how we perceive others and how others perceive us. Words I employ are feeble to express the visions I portray of how I see the human mind functioning within the universe known and unknown. The individual tries to preserve his unique/ flamboyant nature amongst the social circus-like atmosphere. There are records kept throughout human history of actions of folly and enchanting greatness and all that seems inexpressible in between. From the individual to the social animal on the stage of the world, my work attempts to portray the analogy of the colorful circus themed celebrations built by the human mind and the universe it is contained in. My work is a celebration of human life, the circus of life. There are infinite ways the human mind works and there are infinite ways to interpret life. That is what the world of the circus offers; colorful perspectives of infinite choices.

My approach involves recreating circus scenes with oil paints on canvas as well as sculpture and drawings. The scale of my paintings is large to give the viewers a "sublime" experience as if they are actually a part of the circus. My idea is inspired from found imagery of movie stills or circus images and found objects for sculptures.
Ranna Chaudry's work includes painting, photography, printmaking, imaging, sculpture, drawing, as well as fiber arts. She attended Rider University prior to transferring to The College of New Jersey in 2008 to pursue Fine Arts and Psychology as a double major. Her past work has included a mural for theatre performance at Rider University, she was awarded first place in TakingITGlobal, an online contest for spreading awareness for HIV. Ranna Chaudry has also participated in TCNJ's 4X4 student exhibition in Spring 2010 and her work was selected for purchase by The College of New Jersey alumni collection. Her work has been displayed in BWAC gallery in Brooklyn, NY as well as New Jersey. Ms. Chaudry currently resides in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. She is currently pursuing masters in counseling from The College of New Jersey.
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