IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2013

Veru Narula
Veru Narula
Veru Narula
"I paint to explore the power of hands, the destruction of the ego, and the beauty of the mind, in order to reveal the light of a universal soul." - Veru Narula

I was trained more technically in representational oil painting, but I also have an engineering degree. My experience ranges from academic training at the School of Visual Arts and Columbia University. I have also taken contemporary coursework at the Museum of Modern Art, and completed an Executive MBA at Columbia university. In my youth, I learned to paint from both my parents, who were artists, as well as individually from a guru in India. My experiences in both India and the US have formed a global mix of institutional and technical outlook on aesthetics and ideas.

I create paintings in reaction to the events and ideas of an ever converging global landscape. Much like an author, I like to create a visual plotline for my subject matter that tells a story. My paintings are visual representations that draw from international conflicts, the intersection of technology in daily life, the role of religious tension and human rights in politics, and the progress of clean tech and alternative energy. In my process, I utilize the juxtaposition of imagery and discrete ideas to create new synergy as well as contribute to the visual culture.

I am interested in the tension between the historic past of a lasting medium, such an oil painting, and the contrast with the digital images of the high-speed 21st century. I am also a contrast of my South Asian history and my American upbringing. As a result, I seek out contrasts.

I have embedded recent oil paintings with LCD screens. By constructing specially carved out canvases, the digital video display question the role of whether a painting can, indeed, be plugged in? In my studio process, the juxtapositions of imagery, ideas and technology are reflective of my intellectual interests, including social art, authorship and the global market.
Veru Narula is a visual artist focused on globally- conscious paintings and the intersection between the representational, digital and traditional oil media. He has been included in exhibitions at many cultural institutions, including the Kinsey Institute, the Hammond Museum, Exit Art, Santa Monica Art Studios, Tarnish & Gold Gallery, the Elizabeth Arts Foundation, the Michael Schimmel Art Center, and James Cohen Galley. His work has received reviews in the New York Times, the LA Times and India Abroad, and is included in several private collections, including the Rubin's Museum of Art. He learned painting as an adolescent from both his parents, a guru in India, and then went on to study more formally at Columbia University and the School of Visual Arts. He also wrote a novel entitled The Vital Breath.
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