A passionate philanthropist and humanitarian too, Shivdasani has raised money for umpteen organizations, and causes in India. Some of them include, FREA India (Front for Rapid Economic Advancement of India), The Spastics Society of India, SAKHI (for prevention of domestic violence – a cause for which she had invited some activists and journalists to her apartment on the Upper East side one day many years ago, including this writer), CRY, Project India (for street children of Mumbai), victims of the Maharashtra and Gujarat earthquakes (she raised money and personally went to the disaster areas to assess exactly how the money would help the victims) , prevention of communal violence in Gujarat (presented a play and organized discussions to get people to talk to each other), and for victims of the ravages of the tsunami in India. She was an active participant in the raising of money and final placement of a Chair for Indian Politics & Economy at Columbia University.

2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami in India

2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami in India I organized a fundraiser at Christies with Senator Hillary Clinton as Guest of Honour, an art auction of donated artworks, a fashion show and a dance performance. All monies collected were sent to rehabilitate fishermen in coastal areas where their boats and homes were completely destroyed by the catastrophic [...]

2002 Communal riots (Godra/Babri Masjid), India

2002 Communal riots (Godra/Babri Masjid), India The demolition of the Babri Masjid and subsequent attacks in Godhra led , for two years, to the worst communal violence in India.  I requested Shashi Tharoor to allow us to convert his book RIOT into a staged reading by Michael Johnson Chase in order to foster discussion between [...]

September 11, 2001 (9/11), USA

September 11, 2001 (9/11), USA The horrific events of 9/11 left New York City paralyzed. Mayor Guiliani desperately requested New Yorkers to help revive a limping city. Coincidentally Uma da Cunha was visiting New York and the two of us hit the ground running to revitalize and entertain New Yorkers by presenting the First IAAC [...]

2001 Bhuj earthquake, Gujarat, India

2001 Bhuj earthquake, Gujarat, India I organized a fundraiser at the Radisson Hotel with President Bill Clinton as Guest of Honour & an art auction of donated artwork conducted by Christies. Subsequently I traveled to the devastated area in Bhuj and spoke to the groups on the ground about their most pressing needs. All proceeds [...]

1992 Latur earthquake, Maharashtra, India

Latur earthquake, Maharashtra, India Representing MAA, I joined forces with AmeriCares and flew relief supplies to Latur on a US air force plane. Shabana Azmi and her Nivara Hak slum dwellers helped us unload the supplies after which we traveled with them by bus to the earthquake area and spent 4 days visiting hospitals and [...]