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"Fix these broken wings and learn to fly" John Lennon
Mikel Dunhamís Review of Bina Ramaniís Autobiography
Book Review: Bird in a Banyan Tree by Bina Ramani
A tumultuous life lived in unrelenting glare of controversy and publicity and the central figure In the sensational Jessica Lal murder case. Bina puts the record straight with rare candor in this fast paced autobiography. An excellent read! . . .Business Standard
. . . . .A mesmerizing journey of an exceptionally creative woman with equal doses of beauty and intelligence, who from an early is beset by restlessness. . . . Gives us a fascinating peak into Lives of people who touched her life. Unputdownable . . , Good Reads
. . . Page after page unfolds soul stirring circumstances that every woman can relate to. This roller coaster journey of deep sorrows, extreme joys, rare insights, and passion at romance belongs on the silver screen . . Book Geeks .
. . . Bina's prose is lively and descriptive . . . .it takes you behind closed doors into lives of famous people, minds of criminals behind prison walls and touching relationships with village dwellers . . . . A must read! Libaas magazine
. . . Honest and captivating . . It not only singes you but also shines plenty of light into dark Spaces you thought you had forgotten! India Today
. . .even fiction takes a beating in Bina Ramani's colourful life. The Pioneer.

If this book were a movie and if it had a soundtrack it could easily be the John Lennon song, Blackbird.
"Fix these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arrive."
Bina's book is both plaintive and painful, joyous and optimistic. It swoops and soars with swift and steep descents only to lift off again: "Into the light of the dark black night." AN EXTREMELY ENGAGING READ, Belle McIntyre for Amazon.com
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