About the book
About the Author

About the book

Krishna Reddy: Master
Printmaker, Sculptor,
and Artist

Dennis L. Forbes

Discover the fascinating journey of Krishna Reddy’s rise to a world-class master printmaker, sculptor, and artist. Find out how the native of India left his country in pursuit of knowledge about art and ended up in the highly competitive art hubs of Paris, London, and New York.

Follow the footprints of this change agent’s emergence in the twentieth century and see how constant learning serves as the catalyst for Reddy’s fulfillment to become an accomplished master artist. Read about his adventurous moves to fast-paced and rich art centers in three culturally different continents to fuel his internal mantra for knowledge about art.

Learn how Reddy and a colleague discovered a hidden universal secret that transformed the traditional color printmaking process for visual artists and institutions around the world.

Feel the intensity of Reddy’s passion that he demonstrates as he pitches the new paradigm printing process called viscosity to other artists. This revolutionary one-time color printing process was discovered in the 1960s at the famed Paris Atelier 17, which was founded by Stanley Hayter. Read with great interest how Hayter and Reddy joined forces to advocate the process of viscosity as a mainstream color printing process.

In addition, read two interesting testimonial interviews with Tom Lang, a colleague and university educator, and printmaker Joyce Wellman, a former printmaking student.

Thumb through a portfolio of Reddy’s work that spans 40 years of his evolving career as a master printmaker and colorist.

Also, read a thought provoking essay written by Professor Emeritus Reddy of New York University, where he established and chaired the printmaking department, while on sabbatical.

Ultimately, this book will provide a unique historical perspective that is sure to become a valuable resource for seasoned and novice art lovers.

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