Playwrights Week
Press / Publicity
Submissions 2011
17th Annual



Mon., October 18th, 8pm SOLD OUT (cancellation line @ door)
Hosted by Morgan Jenness
Hear playwrights read excerpts from their work and mingle
with them at our kick-off reception.

Tue., October 19th, 8pm SOLD OUT(cancellation line @ door)
by Gabe McKinley
directed by Pippin Parker
When Private Lily Johnson mysteriously disappears from duty in Iraq, her father and brother in Missouri are forced to battle each other, the Army, and the rising river.

Wed., October 20th, 4pm SOLD OUT (cancellation line @ door)
Spaceber: A Broadway Play by kyle Sugarman
by Michael Mitnick
directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel
Kyle is 15 and on a mission: he is convinced he has written the single best play in the history of the Universe – and he won't stop until Broadway realizes it.

Wed., October 20th, 8pm SOLD OUT (cancellation line @ door)
by Laura Marks
directed by Davis McCallum
In an American suburb wiped out by foreclosures, Crystal, a young saleswoman, discovers how far she'll have to go in order to survive.

Thu., October 21st, 4pm SOLD OUT (cancellation line @ door)
The Last Pair Of Earlies
by Joshua Allen
directed by May Adrales
A young couple migrates from rural Mississippi to Chicago, where the collision of their dreams with reality threatens to destroy their marriage.

Thu., October 21st, 8:30pm SOLD OUT (cancellation line @ door)
Girls In The Eddy
by Stacy O'Neill
directed by Portia Krieger
In a laundromat in Florida, 17-year-old Chrissy Ford has been washing her clothes every day for weeks only to discover she's not the only one trying to make a clean break.

Fri., October 22nd, 8pm SOLD OUT (cancellation line @ door)
Clementine in the lower nint
by Dan Dietz
directed by Leah Gardiner
A Lower Ninth Ward family struggles to rebuild their home – and escape their troubled past – in this blues-infused story, adapted from Aeschylus' Agamemnon.

Sat., October 23rd, 4pm SOLD OUT (cancellation line @ door)
Milvotchkee, Visconsin
by Laura Jacqmin
directed by Christian Parker

Molly has a hole in her head. Will she be able to fill it before everything that she remembers – and everything that makes her who she is – trickles out and away?

Sat., October 23rd, 8pm SOLD OUT (cancellation line @ door)
by Kait Kerrigan
directed by Lisa Peterson
A small town newscaster seizes her opportunity for a big break when an unidentified Muslim woman jumps in front of a commuter train and dies.

All events are FREE

@ Lark Studio
939 Eighth Avenue, 2nd floor (bet 55th - 56th Streets)

a,b,c,d,1 to columbus circle
n,q,r,w to 57th street

Playwrights' Week is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts ; NYC Department of Cultural Affairs; NYC City Speaker Christine Quinn , and the Washington Jefferson Hotel , the official hotel sponsor of Playwrights’ Week.

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