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Velli Motton Street: May 17 - 21, 2006
Kiritin Beyer


Kiritin BeyerKiritin Beyer was born not far from Copenhagen, Denmark in 1980. During her childhood her parents traveled and lived all over Europe but eventually settling down in Pyrenees, France. She became interested in the circus because of its universal way of communicating and joined the National Circus School, “L’Ecole National du Cirque Fratellini” in Paris. She says, “My goal had always been to describe the feeling and emotions of humans, regardless of race, belief system and origin.” Soon she learnt that she could extend the experience with a camera. She became interested in portraits for the way she could catch the most deeply felt emotions expressed by her subjects. Again she felt the call to begin a journey. She left Europe for America in 2002. Kiritin has shown her works at various exhibitions, including at the “Supreme Trading Gallery”, in New York. She volunteered for the Tsunami Relief work in India for six months and came back with several portraits of those who survived the misery.


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