The most dynamic women we know in New York

The most dynamic women we know in New York:

Opinion News, Jan 30, 2017 –  Malvika Sangghvi

Same, same?

Regular readers might be familiar with my fascination for people born on the same day who appear to share traits, and what that tells us about sun signs and pop astrology (Indira Gandhi-Zeenat Aman, both born on November 19, and Nita Ambani-Aishwarya Rai, both born on November 1).

Aroon Shivdasani:

So when we heard that two of the most dynamic women we know in New York, namely Aroon Shivdasani (Executive & Artistic Director at Indo-American Arts Council) and Meera Gandhi (CEO and Founder of the Giving Back Foundation), celebrated their birthday this Saturday we were once again fascinated by the outward similarities. Dynamic and attractive Indian woman? Check. Great networker who has in one way or another kept the Indian flag flying in New York? Check.